Faymus Media | About
Our Mission Statement:

To provide a professional company image and positive attitude with outstanding customer service while providing the best quality product & maintaining a reasonable price point.

What We Do Here At Faymus Media:

We offer HD quality photography and videography. All our videography services are offered in 1080p HD. We also offer top-quality editing, and also a cinematic film look. All our photography is shot in HD as well. We take the art of videography to the next level to create personalized sophisticated HD image suited to your needs. We also offer travelling to destination, which means we will travel to your event, wedding, party, and get together. We travel to shoot commercials, and video as well.

We also offer online print ordering 24 hours a day. If you ever lose your photos, you may download them on our site at anytime! We also offer very large wall and poster size prints, along with mugs, shirts and much more! We turn your event, wedding, or shoot into memories that not only last forever, but also captures things you may have missed.

We LOVE our customers and your satisfaction is guaranteed with us here at "Faymus Media"!

Faymus Media travels the entire Eastern Coast of the United States, from Florida to Maine. Please contact us. Our information is on our websites.


Mon-Fri: 11:00am-12:00am Sat - Sun: 12:00pm-7:00pm